Terms And Conditions


Foresight Services, LLC will exchange or repair all defective products or equipment for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, in accordance with the manufacturers’ stated warranty. Purchaser is responsible for and shall maintain and use the equipment pursuant to the manufacturers’ recommendations. No parts or labor will be covered due to neglect of maintenance on equipment, nor due to electrical surges or lighting or other acts of nature. Claims may be filed under this warranty and obligations to make repairs shall begin only after the product is paid. This warranty does not cover loss of time, inconvenience, loss of revenue, livestock, poultry, or other consequential damages of any kind. The above constitutes our sole warranty. There is no warranty of merchantability and no warranties expressed or implied which extend beyond the description herein and no person or representative of Foresight Services is authorized to make any representation or warranty concerning products on behalf of the company except to refer purchasers to the above warranty.


All shortage claims must be placed within thirty (30) days from original shipment or order to be considered.


Damages or freight claims must be placed with the carrier. Be certain to inspect all shipment for shortages and damages prior to signing for the shipment.

Return Policy

Please call 616-648-2712 to notify us of any returnable items. All items must be returned within thirty (30) days of purchase and accompanied with information from the original invoice or packing slip. Items must be returned in its original packing, clean and saleable condition. All special custom orders may be subject to a restocking fee or not be refundable.

Foresight Services, LLC is not responsible for typographical errors. Prices, product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Liability Waiver

The goal of Foresight Services, LLC is to help you continue farming or working in an agriculture occupation. Services that you may receive from Foresight Services, LLC include a farm site accessibility needs assessment and report, information on adaptive farm equipment, contact information for vendors and fabricators of adaptive equipment, and onsite assistance installing or fabricating adaptive equipment unique to your needs on the farm.

Any recommendations are made for the farm setup at the time of the assessment. The equipment recommendations are based on your physical abilities and farm needs at the time services are provided. Should your physical condition change, other modifications may be more suitable in the future. A new site evaluation should be considered in such circumstances.

Information and sketches from Foresight Services, LLC provide a general description of each idea or product presented to aid in understanding its operations and or construction. These descriptions, however, are solely intended to improve comprehension and are not to be viewed as either a set of plans or a substitute for plans. Prior to actual design or fabrication of a complex or potentially hazardous modification, it is recommended that a professional engineer be consulted. If fabrication or installation services are provided by Foresight Services, LLC it is done solely at your request and by your approval of techniques, materials and methods of craftsmanship used.

The information represented herein and the onsite services to be provided are believed to be accurate and useful, but are in no way guaranteed. Foresight Services, LLC assumes no liability and makes no representation (express or implied) with regard to its work with you. You agree to assume full responsibility and liability for use of the materials and suggestions provided by Foresight Services, LLC, and for your use of the products and implementation of the suggestions discussed. You agree that the suggestions offered by Foresight Services, LLC may not include all necessary safety measures, and that additional measures may be required. You waive any claim you may have against Foresight Services, LLC arising out of or in any way relating to the services to be provided by Foresight Services, LLC.